How to Get Baby Food Coupons

Coupon-clipping might not sound like the most exciting pastime -- or maybe after months of dirty diapers and late night feedings, it does -- but the money you can save by using baby food coupons on each trip to the grocery store can fill a piggy bank quickly. Between diapers, clothing, baby gear and expenses you couldn’t have fathomed before baby arrived, savings from coupons can help to ease the stress on the family’s budget or give you an opportunity to look ahead and start your youngster’s college fund.

Write a short letter to baby food manufacturers to send through snail mail, or email each of the baby food companies instead. In the letter or email, let the company know that you purchase or will be purchasing baby food for your young child and you are interested in any coupons or offers they have available. Be cordial and include your return address. If you are currently using the manufacturer's brand of baby food, let them know how much your youngster enjoys the food or provide any honest feedback you have to offer.

Call the toll-free number for the baby food company and ask the representative about any current coupons, discounts or promotional offers. Some companies have introductory packs of coupons for new parents or have a variety of different coupons available for consumers.

Visit the websites of baby food manufacturers and subscribe to their mailing lists. Companies will often send out coupons of various values a few times each year.

Look for in-store coupons in the baby food aisles. Sometimes, you will find coupons for baby food that are only applicable in that store. However, you will usually be able to redeem the coupons any time before the expiration date, so you can grab a few coupons to use on your next visit.

Look through your local newspaper and store fliers for coupons published by manufacturers, grocery stores, big-box stores and pharmacies. You can sometimes find baby food coupons in parenting magazines, too. Clip the coupons, make a mental note of the expiration date and store the coupons in your wallet for your next shopping trip.

Sign up with coupon sites offering coupons that can be printed or mailed to your home. You can also look for sampling programs, which send out small samples along with product coupons to encourage consumers to try out their products. While many of these programs are not baby-specific, it's possible that baby food products will come up on the sampling menu.

Trade coupons with friends, family and other parents in your parenting group or ask them to save the baby food coupons they find and don’t need. Make a little friendly agreement -- you’ll keep an eye out for coupons you know are useful to them, while they watch for coupons that are useful to you.


Once you’ve clipped all your coupons, you can look for savings programs, frequent buyers clubs and other store or manufacturer promotions for additional savings.