Baby Bottle Warmer 26166B Instructions

The Especially for Baby bottle warmer 26166B is a convenient way to warm milk bottles and baby food. The warmer heats the bottles or food jars to the correct temperature when operated correctly. The instructions are simple, although sometimes the manual that comes with the warmer can be confusing. Always check the temperature of the fluid in the bottle prior to feeding baby to ensure that the contents are not too hot.

Place the bottle warmer on a flat surface within reach of an electrical outlet for the warmer power cord. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. The indicator light on the front of the warmer should illuminate a green light. Lift the bottle basket out of the center water chamber of the bottle warmer and pull the adapter ring off the inside perimeter of the water chamber.

Pull the measuring cup from the holder on the front of the warmer. Fill the measuring cup with the appropriate amount of water depending upon the size bottle you are heating. Pour the water from the measuring cup into the water chamber of the bottle warmer. The water chamber is the center of the bottle warmer.

Place the bottle or food jar into the bottle basket. Place the adapter ring over the the bottle and snap the ring into the inside perimeter of the water chamber opening. This helps keep the bottle in the center of the water chamber for even heating. Larger bottles and food jars do not require the adapter ring.

Press the “On” button on the front of the bottle warmer and the light on the front turns to red. The warming cycle is beginning and will continue until you hear five sharp beeps and the light turns green.

Pull the bottle or jar out of the bottle basket and allow it to cool for one minute before handling. Shake the bottle well and test the temperature on the back of your wrist to ensure the fluid is the correct temperature.


Unplug the unit after use and allow the water to cool. Empty the water chamber after each use. Refer to the owners manual for water levels of the different size bottles.


Always use the bottle warmer basket when placing bottles in the warmer. Never place bottles directly into the warmer. The heat without the basket protection can melt or break bottles.