Awesome Things for Teens to Do in Detroit

By Jane Rodda
The Renaissance Center is a familiar sight along Detroit's skyline.
The Renaissance Center is a familiar sight along Detroit's skyline.

With its wealth of history in the auto industry and Motown music, the city of Detroit, Michigan, has plenty of awesome places for teens. It is situated along the Detroit River and is home to several historical landmarks. Whether your teens want to catch a show, walk along the river or visit a museum, The Motor City has it for them.

Music and Entertainment

As the birthplace of Motown music, Detroit has plenty of places to go to experience the famous sound. At the Motown Museum, teens can stand where well-known musicians such as the Temptations and the Supremes got their start. The museum provides an education of the entrepreneur Berry Gordy, who started the recording studio and built it into a world-renowned industry. To enjoy a concert or comedy show in style, the Fox Theatre has been around since the 1920s as a premier venue for entertainment. The ornate theatre is host to an eclectic list of shows, which include punk bands, comedians and jazz musicians.


Teens may describe some of the museums in Detroit as "awesome." For example, The Model-T Automotive Heritage Complex is where it all started for auto manufacturing. Visitors can see where Henry Ford first designed the Model-T and many vintage vehicles in the display room. The Detroit Institute of Arts is another option with several interesting art exhibits in an array of media. Teens can also participate in drop-in art workshops where they can create their own masterpieces. Each week the museum hosts "Friday Night Live!" which includes live music, workshops and guided tours.

Outdoor Activities

To be in the center of the city and around all of the action, The Campus Martius Park is the place. Also known as Detroit's Gathering Place, the park hosts musical events, festivals and other entertainment throughout the year. With interesting architecture and jetting fountains, the setting would be cool for teens. During the summer they can hang out and enjoy a meal, and during the winter they can get out on the ice rink. Another place to consider is The Detroit Riverfront. It has a walkway along the river with parks, pavilions and fishing access along the way. Teens could find plenty to do along the river.

Awesome Tours

Detroit Urban Adventures provides two different tours aboard the elevated "People Movers" vehicle. One of the tours guides visitors through several sites chronicling the history of the city's rise, decline and resurgence. The other option is a basic sightseeing tour pointing out large and small landmarks with an authentic coney dog included. For a ride out on the water, The Detroit Princess is a paddle wheel riverboat with an assortment of cruise packages. Some of the themed trips include live Motown music, blues and jazz, dinners, moonlight cruising and afternoon musical features.

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