The Average Cost for Daycare in Wisconsin

The average cost for daycare in Wisconsin depends on the number of children enrolled, age of the children, where in Wisconsin daycare needs to be provided, and if the services will be paid in full upfront or in monthly payments.

Number of Children Enrolled

The price of daycare increases with the number of children enrolled by an individual family. Wisconsin is the sixth most-expensive daycare state in the United States, therefore the least amount of children per-family enrolled, the smaller overall cost 1. The average amount of children enrolled in daycare facilities in Wisconsin was 296,995 kids in 2010 1.

Age of Children in Daycare

Prices are highest for baby and toddler staged children, with prices dropping when a child reaches preschool age. Younger children require more hands-on care by a caregiver, costing families in Wisconsin an average of $10,520 per year for a full-time care on an infant, and $9,039 for full-time center care for a 4-year old child 13.


Location determines average asking price set by the daycare facilities. Within Wisconsin urban rate zones, weekly prices ranged from 10-24% higher in cities such as Buffalo and Clark, than cities including Dane and La Crosse.

Payment Options

On average, annual fees paid for daycare are lower when paid in full at the beginning of the month, or at a time set forth by the day care facility 3. Payment plans for child care can result in added fees and interest, with additional charges added on for overtime care requirements if a child is dropped off earlier or picked up later than expected 3.

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