Appropriate Gifts for College Graduates

After four long years of late-night studying, exams and internships, your son or daughter is finally graduating from college. Your child deserves a celebration and reward for his major accomplishment. However, you do not want to get just any old gift. Give your graduating college student a gift that will benefit his future aspirations.

Job Prep

Give your graduate gifts that can help him get ahead in his job search. It can be difficult for graduates to get their resume to stand out above the hundreds of others applying for the same job. Give our graduating college student the gift of a professional resume service that can give his resume a professional polish to make it stand out 2. You can give your graduate some professional attire for interviews to get him started in the workplace. A few high-quality tailored suits and dress shoes go a long way in that department.

New Electronics

The computer he has used during college is old and needs replacing. Help the graduate in your life get a fresh start with a new laptop and a new smartphone. The laptop will be beneficial for job searches and for taking work home from the office when he gets a job. Complete the gift with a super-fast laser printer 2. You can also give your graduate a top-of-the-line tablet packed with the latest productivity applications, as well as games that allow him to play against his old college friends now spread across the country.

Apartment Needs

If your college graduate is moving into his first apartment, he may need help preventing his apartment from looking like his sparsely furnished dorm room. A gift of key furniture pieces, such as a nice couch and coffee table, bedroom set and a dining room table and chairs will make his apartment fit his new life as a working professional. If his apartment is already well furnished, you could give him some much-needed household items, such as a high-quality coffee maker, a blender for breakfast smoothies, a toolkit, or some cool wall art.

Money and More

You can never go wrong with the gift of cold, hard cash for a college graduate 2. Between all the costs of student loans, moving into his own place and looking for a job, he could use all the money he can get. If you would prefer not to just write a big check, consider giving gift certificates to furniture, clothing or electronic stores to let him choose exactly the items he wants, or needs. Your graduate also might really appreciate a hefty savings bond that will be worth quite a bit when it matures.