Anti Biased Activities for Preschoolers

Children can develop biases for or against groups -- such as race, gender, class and religion -- at a young age. Teach preschoolers about different cultures in an exciting way with anti-bias activities 1. Activities will teach the young children how to focus on positive differences and build self-confidence. Awarding stickers for a job well done can encourage preschoolers to try their best.

Discrimination Activities

Teach your preschoolers about discrimination by printing pictures of tie sneakers, a white shirt, red shirt, shorts and blue jeans. Draw the “no” sign on top of the pictures and scattered them around the room at different stations or play areas. The “no” sign is the circle with the diagonally line going through it. Tell the preschoolers that anyone wearing that article of clothing at each play area cannot play in that area or use that item. At the end of the day, have a discussion about how these changes made them feel. Discuss why discrimination is wrong.

Alike and Different Activities

Give each preschooler an index card. Help each preschooler use an inkpad to make a set of fingerprints on the index card. Allow the children to wash their hands and give each child a magnifying glass. Have the preschoolers look at their fingerprints and another child’s fingerprints. Then have a group discussion about the similarities and differences between the fingerprints. Explain to the children that everyone is alike and different in some way.

Circle Talk

Have all your preschoolers sit in a circle and name a topic, such as birthdays. Ask each preschooler to name a tradition for birthdays in their family. This will teach the preschoolers the differences between cultures and traditions in families. Other topics include holidays and dinnertime. Explain to the preschoolers how every family has some differences. Read the children a book on culture and talk about how people across the world celebrate holidays.


Place five different pairs of shoes on the floor. Some examples include men’s dress shoes, high heels, tennis shoes, flip-flops and winter boots. Have each preschooler say what kind of person they think might wear these shoes. Explain what they think is a stereotype and sometimes stereotypes are hurtful. Talk about the similarities and differences in each child’s answers. Do the same activity using different types of clothing.