Air Force Camps for Teenagers

Ever since Wilbur and Orville discovered a way to fly, many teens have dreamed of maneuvering their own aircraft. As man’s footsteps graced the moon, the dream expanded to space exploration. Most Air Force camps are offered to teens whose family members are current, retired or civilian Air Force employees. Other teens have year-round program options, especially if their goal is to join the Air Force after high school or college.

Space Camp

Air Force Space Camp, held annually, invites youth ages 12 to 18 to a six-day summer program 1. The camp gives participants a taste of the dynamics involved with becoming an astronaut. Camp activities include learning historical tidbits about space exploration, Space Shuttle mission simulations and engineering skills involved with rocket development 1.

Aviation Camp

Start your teen’s summer in the majestic Colorado Springs foothills. Enroll your future pilot in Teen Aviation Camp at the United States Air Force Academy. Incoming high school sophomores and juniors catch a glimpse of an Air Force cadet’s daily routine. Many times, the camp can be a determining factor whether to pursue the multi-step process for entrance into the Academy program.

Teen Leadership Camp

If your freshman already shows an interest in management characteristics, the Air Force Teen Leadership Camp can help her gain enough self-confidence to be an effective leader in today’s society. Team building techniques, conflict resolution and public speaking activities are interspersed with fun sports such as rafting, horseback riding, fishing and hiking.

Civil Air Patrol

The U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol not only offers leadership training camps, but weekly programs gear your teen for a career in aviation, space or the military. The program incorporates five elements including leadership, character development, physical fitness, aerospace education and activities such as:

  • flying
  • hiking
  • camping
  • getting in top-notch shape

Adventure Camp

Military Teen Adventure Camps are located across the United States inviting Air Force teens to join other military teenagers in week-long outdoor exploration for free 2. While each camp promises to build your teen’s leadership, teamwork and self-confidence skills, activities vary according to different locations. Rappelling from a cliff, climbing ropes, camping in the backwoods and zigzagging through whitewater rapids can give your explorer the chance to connect with teens, make lasting friends and learn an extreme sport all at the same time.