Activities and Games for a 22-Month-Old Toddler

As the mom of a 22-month-old toddler, you already know that he is busy, and does not sit still very long. He likes to run around, play chase, play peek-a-boo, kick balls and play all of the other standard toddler games. You have also likely noticed that your toddler is learning many new skills. You want to ensure you are playing games and doing activities with him that use and encourage further development of these skills.

Play Dough

The fine motor skills of your 22-month-old are refining themselves at this age 1. Your toddler will love to use and improve these new-found skills by playing with play dough. He’ll enjoy pinching it to make new shapes, rolling out the dough with a rolling pin and using a cookie cutter to make play cookies.

Paper Bag Blocks

You will find that your toddler is starting to enjoy arts and crafts more. Allow him to explore crafting by letting him decorate paper bag blocks. To make the blocks, fill brown lunch bags with crumpled newspaper and seal with tape or glue. Let your toddler decorate them with stickers and markers; he will enjoy the ability to express himself creatively. Decorating with stickers will allow him to refine his fine motor skills. When the blocks are decorated, he can practice his gross motor skills by building a tower. As your 22-month-old’s mom, you know that his favorite part will be knocking the blocks over.

Character Play

Toddlers love to make funny noises, and they love to copy funny noises, too. Pretend you are an animal, robot or machine and talk to your 22-month-old using the sounds that your chosen character would make. See if he will copy you, and encourage repetition. The BabyCenter website reports that at 22 months old, a toddler is still developing the ability to coordinate his movements and the ability to stop quickly when running. Encourage developing these skills by adding actions to your game. Pretend you are a dog, run and stop while barking. Or you can do the same while pretending you are a car. Your toddler will develop his imagination and his gross motor skills at the same time.

Kitchen Concert

Toddlers love music, and anything that makes noise. Put on a kitchen concert using pots, mixing spoons, pie plates and other cookware. Let your toddler help you make his own instruments by filling paper bags with rice or beans, and filling jars with pasta. He will enjoy hearing the different noises all the foods make, and he will enjoy using his new-found fine motors skills to make the instruments, too. Be sure to closely supervise your toddler while making the instruments. Some pasta shapes, beans and other foods can be choking hazards.