Activities for Eighteen-Year-Olds in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a huge tourist destination with many entertainment options. Eighteen-year-olds of all tastes and temperaments will find favorable things to do. The weather in Orlando is almost always warm and sunny, making simple activities like shopping and the beach easy, inexpensive backup options. There are also a variety of creative activities available for those who seek excitement and thrills.

Hang Gliding

There is nothing that many 18-year-olds want more in their lives than freedom. The hang-gliding experience gives them a real dose. Wallaby Ranch offers year-round hang-gliding flights through the warm sunny skies of Orlando 1. Assisted by a professional pilot, beginning hang gliders are given a crash course in flying. One hour later they are ready to reach the skies. With a choice of over 50 gliders, hang gliders get a birds-eye view of the lush green Orlando landscape from 2,000 feet in the air.


Eighteen-year-olds are fearless and always seeking thrills, which sometime give parents a scare. iFLY is a skydiving arena that lets kids experience the thrill of skydiving without the risk. A huge vertical wind tunnel blowing large amounts of air upward allows participants to jump into the tube and fly. iFLY is the closest thing to human flight besides free-fall skydiving and requires no previous flight experience. First designed as a military training program, the iFLY tunnel now brings hundreds of civilians the incredible experience of flight indoors.

Busch Gardens

Rushing roller coasters, including the world's tallest dive coaster, a water park, live shows and wild animals make Busch Gardens a place fit to entertain even the mildest 18-year-old 2. The African Safari takes guests through a simulated desert where they can see lions, giraffes and elephants up close. Eighteen-year-olds will also be thrilled, excited and amazed by the Garden's 12 heart-stopping, adrenaline-rushing rides.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Having just gotten their driver's licenses, most 18-year-olds have never really experienced true motor speed. At Richard Petty's Driving Experience they can sit shotgun next to a professional race-car driver and experience speeds up to 165 mph 3. Three laps around the track in a real NASCAR sports vehicle will make a lasting memory for a speed-loving 18-year-old. Eighteen-year-olds who are willing and able to drive stick shift can drive the cars themselves.