Does Wrestling Hurt a Young Boy's Growth?

Physical activity is, in general, beneficial to children. But not all exercise is healthy. Wrestling may stunt the growth of young boys. Provide your boy with a healthy diet, ensure he gets plenty of rest and encourage physical activity, but steer him clear of wrestling. Consult a pediatrician to monitor your child's growth and development as he ages.

Wrestling With Development

According to Kids HealthLine, a website run by the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, wrestling can put an excessive strain on the body, affecting its ability to process nutrients. This can, in turn, stunt the growth of your child. Other potential hazardous sports include distance running and gymnastics. Even as your boy gets older, wrestling can cause stunted growth. According to an article published in 2002 in the "Journal of Adolescent Health," in studies, male wrestlers have shown decreased growth during the sport season; however, they catch up in the off-season. Talk to your child's doctor about when it's safe for him to take up wrestling.

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