Sports Administrator Job Description

For people who love sports and want to ascend to management positions, sports administrator jobs offer a range of options. The sports administrator job description includes fields such as sports team management, sports facilities manager, sports marketing, sports promotion and athletic director. Most sports administrators have a degree in sports management or administration.


Sports administrator jobs vary in requirements, with many positions calling for a bachelor's degree in sports management or a related field. Athletic directors usually have to obtain a master's degree in sports management, whereas facilities managers may not need a bachelor's degree. For jobs in the business aspects of sports -- such as sports marketing or promotions, a business degree can help you land a position. Most primary and secondary schools require coaches to have bachelor's degrees, and colleges and professional sports teams usually require a master's degree.

Job Details

Sports administrators work in a variety of settings, including schools, colleges, universities, stadiums, offices and sporting events. Some positions may include working at outdoor sporting events and fundraisers. Some jobs have set office or school hours, and some require working nights or weekends. Athletic directors often attend school sporting events on evenings and weekends, whereas a sports team marketer may work regular office hours.


Sports administrator salaries vary, depending on the job 2. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2008, the median annual wages of coaches and scouts were $28,340, and the middle 50 percent earned between $18,220 and $43,440. Elementary and secondary school administrators -- including athletic directors -- had median annual wages of $83,880 in May 2008. Sports promotion and sports marketing have a wider range of income, as team profits and levels of competition can vary. Also, the income generated by a small, semi-pro team is on a much smaller scale than revenues generated by professional football and basketball teams.

Career Outlook

Jobs in athletics, coaching and related fields are expected to grow much faster than the national job average through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau projects there will be extremely high amounts of competition for the highest level positions, with entry level jobs being much more plentiful. For school administration jobs -- including athletic director positions, the bureau projects jobs to grow at about the same rate as the national average.

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