Fun Sports Games for Children

Fun sports games keep your children physically active as well as entertained. While many sports games such as baseball, soccer and golf can be played at high levels of competition, many other fun sports games emphasize fun and socializing over winning.

Batty Bowling

This variation on traditional bowling will improve your child's accuracy and coordination. Grab items that can be used as bowling pins. They can range from milk cartons to empty cans, as long as they can stand up on their own. Place 10 selected items in a triangle formation on a flat surface. From here, walk several feet away and draw a starting line. Volleyballs, basketballs and any other athletic ball can be used as a substitute for a real bowling ball. Allow the children to bowl from the start line and do their best to knock all the pins down.


This traditional basketball game is a simplification of the shooting game H.O.R.S.E. Grab a few friends and move to one-half of the basketball court. Choose one child to shoot first. If he makes his shot, the second player in line must shoot the identical shot. If the first player misses, the second player is allowed to shoot from anywhere on the court. If player one makes his shot and player two misses, player two gets the letter "P." The game continues in this pattern until one player is left without all three letters.

Name-It Ball

This sports game is designed to get your child to think fast as well as improve her coordination. Get a group of children into a large circle and give one of them a ball. Have the child select a category such as "TV shows." On your mark, have the child bounce the ball to another child in the circle. That child must catch the ball and name out any TV show that comes to mind. If the child drops the ball, fails to name a TV show or names a show that has already been named, she is eliminated from the game.

Football Toss

This game will improve your child's accuracy with a football 1. Grab an old tire and hang it from a tree using a piece of rope. You can also construct a wood frame to support the tire if you do not have a tree to use. From here, draw a line on the ground to indicate where the children will throw from. Give each child three tries to get the ball through the hole. If a child throws it through the tire two out of three times or more, give him a prize.