Fun Goal-Setting Activities

Working toward a goal or dream is often hard work. You stay motivated by reminding yourself of the ultimate reward of accomplishing the task at hand. But goal setting doesn't always have to be difficult. You can incorporate fun and enjoyment into the process of working toward achieving your goals.

Create a Visioning Collage

A "visioning collage" is a visual representation of your ultimate dreams, according to Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., author of "Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams." Gather photographs and phrases from magazines, along with photographs, cards or other media that are relevant to your dream and begin to arrange them on a poster-size piece of construction paper 1. Keep your dream or goal in mind as you arrange the various elements. Once you're satisfied with the final design, paste the collage together. Committing the collage to its permanent form is one aspect of affirmation for your goal, Capacchione says. If you're more into computers, you can use the principles behind creating an online portfolio to commit your "visioning collage" to an electronic blog or private website 2. Incorporate graphics and phrases from your own text or photo files, or surf the Internet for appropriate images and copy. The advantage of an online portfolio is that you can modify it to fit new goals, Sean Hodge says in "Smashing" magazine 2.

Throw a Barn-Raising Party

You don't have to slog through the work of attaining your goal alone, advises Alexandra Levit, author of "New Job, New You." Friends and family can function as a cheering section to encourage you when your will is flagging. Enlist support for your goals by throwing what Barbara Sher, author of "Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want," calls a "barn-raising party." Invite friends to a potluck gathering, with an agenda for brainstorming ideas to help you achieve at least part of your ultimate goal 3. The initial ideas may be outlandish, but inevitably, practical ideas, leads and resources begin to emerge, often in abundance, Sher says.

Join or Form an Online Community

Enlisting support in the outside world is one way to build a sense of accountability as you work toward your goals, Levit says. Engage in social media to broadcast your goals, building a network of people who expect you to follow through. Join a ready-made online community like 43 Things to find others with similar goals or to find inspiration for the goal-setting process. If you're more introverted, services like Groupsite allow you to form private online communities of close friends. Whether you join a public online group or form your own, participating in an online community brings support for your goal-setting process as close as your computer -- with the option of arranging offline meetings if you desire.