How to Show Self Confidence Tips & Tricks

Whether you lack confidence at work or in social situations, strengthening your level of confidence can change the way people perceive you. Putting the best version of yourself forward–even if you don't feel 100 percent confident–can help you seem like a powerful, convincing individual.

Dress well and stand tall. Chris Posti, head of Posti & Associates, a human resources firm in Pennsylvania tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that choosing clothes that make you feel good about yourself will go a long way toward how your confidence is portrayed. Good posture and standing tall will also make you look more confident, as opposed to hunching your shoulders.

Express conviction, even if you're unsure of the outcome. Being undecided and unhelpful when participating in a meeting or making decisions makes you look unsure. Committing to decisions and directing others puts you in a position of leadership. This demonstrates self-confidence and trust in your abilities 1.

Prepare yourself for success by reviewing your past successes in similar areas, suggests If you're concerned about entering a social situation, think of all the times you were able to successfully make friends. If you're stressed about a presentation at work, instead of focusing on future failures, use past successes to help show self-confidence 1.

Avoid thinking in terms of perfection and imperfection, warns Marshall Goldsmith in Business Week Magazine. Remember that success isn't always defined by perfection, and you can reach success through a variety of paths. Instead of promising yourself perfection and losing self-esteem when something goes wrong, focus on what you can learn from any given situation and cultivate a positive outlook on the eventual outcome.

Acknowledge your fears. Marching blindly into a situation with the idea that there is no way that you'll fail can be an imprudent way to act. If you have a fear of public speaking, allow yourself to visualize the things that could go wrong so you're prepared for them when they happen, according to New Entrepreneur Magazine. Know the potential for failure, but focus on success to show how confident you are.

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