How Introverts Handle Conflict

Handling conflict is an important aspect of maintaining and developing relationships. Understanding how introverts handle conflict is helpful because an introvert is more likely than an extrovert to withdraw or avoid conflict, according to a study done by E. Michael Nussbaum at the University of Nevada 1. This withdrawal or avoidance can sometimes create a challenge for both parties in regards to handling conflict within a relationship.

Introverts Need Time and Space

When faced with conflict, introverts are likely to need time alone to process an issue before dealing with it. They may withdraw to allow themselves time to think before acting. When pressed to handle a conflict quickly, an introvert may instead try to avoid it completely, or allow the other person to have his way to avoid any further engagement in the conflict. After the situation has ended, an introvert may reflect on it and express additional thoughts and feelings much later, as the situation is not fully over for her until she has had time to process it.

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