How to Wear an Ergo Baby on the Side

ERGObaby produces a line of baby carriers designed to allow the wearer to hold a child against her body while walking without using her arms to hold the child. These products are equipped with reinforced stitching, foam padding and an ergonomic design that distributes much of the child's weight in order to minimize the amount of strain placed on his spine. ERGObaby carriers may be worn in a variety of ways, including on the side of the body.

Unbuckle all of the baby carrier's straps and spread the carrier out in front of you, with the interior facing up. Determine on which hip you wish to carry the baby, then place the bottom end of the carrier next to that hip.

Take the end of the shoulder strap that is dangling in front of your body. Lift the end of the strap across your torso and over the shoulder located opposite of your selected hip. Pull the end of the strap down and across your back and connect it to the shoulder buckle located near the rear or your selected hip.

Wrap the waist strap around your torso and buckle the ends together. Pull on the excess length of strap to remove any slack.

Lift your child upward and hold her facing towards you. Insert her legs into the openings at the bottom of the carrier. Lower her down until she is properly seated; tug on the upper end of the carrier to confirm a proper fit.

Use the hand located opposite of your selected hip to hold your child against your body. Reach behind you with your free hand and grip the end of the adjustment strap dangling from the shoulder strap. Pull on the adjustment strap to remove any unnecessary slack.

Take the end of the unused shoulder strap and wrap it behind you. Pull the end of the strap around the front of your abdomen and connect it into the unused buckle on the front of the carrier. Connect the ends of the chest strap buckles.


Practice putting on and loading the carrier over a soft surface, such as a bed, to minimize the risk of injuring the child in case she falls.


Do not unbuckle the carrier's waist band while the child is still inside the device. When using the carrier, always position the child facing towards your body; the carrier does not come with head support, and using this position will allow the child to rest his head against you.