Goal Setting Training Activities

Setting goals can help you clarify your needs, skills and objectives. By envisioning and expressing the way in which you want to live your life in the present and in the future, you can work backwards to determine the necessary steps to reach your goals. Fortunately, you can use many fun and constructive activities to train yourself to create, sharpen and meet your own goals.

Money Play

Imagine being given a million dollars that has to be spent in a single day, suggests goal-setting-for-success.com 12. The funds could be donated to a charitable organization, or used to pay off existing debt, but they could not be invested or stored in a bank. Write up or share your plan aloud, being prepared to defend your choices or priorities. Now consider how these goals or needs could be met in your current lifestyle.

Spontaneous Practice

Learn to stay focused on your goal in any setting, recommends selfesteem2go.com 2. Choose a modest but personally relevant challenge, such as a dance combination, a song in a new language or 10 pushups. Set a series of reminders on your phone or PDA, or ask a friend to contact you at several designated times. Whenever the alert goes off, wherever you are, you must ignore all distractions, practice the skill and get better.


Clarify and focus your objectives into SMART goals, states effective-time-management-strategies.com. SMART is an acronym which stands for Specific, stating a precise marker of success; Measurable, able to be measured in a concrete manner; Action-oriented, requiring actions and steps which will support the goal; Realistic, ensuring that a goal can be met; and Time-bound, keeping to a deadline to ensure the goal is met 1.

Vision Board

Create a vision/dream board for a visible reminder of your goals, states Settinggoals101.com. Go through magazines and newspapers and cut out images of objects, places, lifestyles and professions, as well as words that motivate and inspire you, or write and draw your own source material. Keep the board in an accessible place so you can consult it often, and change the source material as needed to keep you excited and motivated.