Journal Writing as Therapy

Writing in a journal is therapeutic. The act of writing gives you time to sort through thoughts and take time to focus on capturing the details of life before they are forgotten. A journal is a "friend" with whom secrets are safe and who always has enough time to listen to tales of life. Finding 30 minutes once or twice a week to write in a journal releases stress and also help the decision-making process. Putting thoughts down on paper helps the mind sort through complex issues and starts the process of mulling over all factors before making important decisions. The quiet time required for writing in a journal helps soothe the body and relax the mind. Going outside to nature while writing in a journal makes the experience even more relaxing. Find a park bench or go to the back yard to do some writing and let the sounds and sights of nature soothe you.

Find Time to Write

There are many different types of journals. You may use a simple notebook or you may purchase a fancy journal at a bookstore. You may also make your own journal via collecting junk mail and using the reverse sides of the paper. Hole punch the paper and use clips to bind it together into a journal. Some people prefer to type a journal. Create a computer document to use as a journal or check out some of the online journal writing websites. It is also easy to find journals and notebooks for cheap prices at flea markets and garage sales. Keeping a journal does not have to cost much money, but the payoff of spending time writing will bring a wealth of benefits such as stress relief, stronger decision-making skills and documentation of your life.

Keep on Writing

Write regularly in the journal. Either pick a set time for writing or just write when the mood strikes. Write in the journal at least once a week. Put a date at the top of the page each time you start a new journal entry. Thus, the journal will serve as a time line of your life and will be a family heirloom later if you wish. Some people find writing first thing in the morning clears their mind of nagging thoughts and starts the day with focus.

Journal Topics

Pick a focus for your journal. The journal may be either just a place to do free thinking and write about issues or events in life or the journal may be more specific and focus on specific topics such as:

  • family topics
  • relationships
  • children
  • goals for life
  • a vacation goal or trip
  • world issues
  • world events
  • strategies to achieve goals
  • exercise goals
  • job issues or humorous events from life

Some people like to focus on just one topic at a time, while other people write in numerous journals during the same time period.

Find Catharsis via Writing

Consider journal writing as something that is crucial for sorting through the events of life and ruminate about issues in life and steps to take to achieve dreams in life. Journal writing helps you get focused to obtain achievements and to find joy in life. Building a habit of journal writing will help to maneuver the stressful periods in life. Knowing that a journal is at home awaiting your thoughts helps you to stay calm in times of crisis. A journal is a place to let out fear and gain the catharsis of letting the mind work through anxiety and move into a calmer place.

Cherish Alone Time

Learn how to nurture your emotional development by cherishing alone-time activities such as journal writing. It is often hard to find private time to think and delve into goals for life. However, without taking the occasional respite from the busy world the mind becomes chaotic and overwhelmed. Journal writing soothes the emotions and forces you to examine life and how it is either proceeding according to set goals or waylaid on an inappropriate journey.