Miami Teen Clubs

Teens in Miami can have a tough time finding ways to enjoy themselves 5. Too old for children's activities, they are still too young to join the 20-somethings in the endless round of partying this beach town is well known for. Still, if you look around, you'll find a number of activities offered just for teens, so they can have fun while staying safe.

Miami Beach Teen Club

The city itself sponsors a teen club whose primary goal is to provide a positive environment for local youth, thus preventing and reducing delinquent behavior. The Miami Beach Teen Club is funded in part by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and housed in the 21st Street Recreation Center 5. Club activities include field trips, performing arts, volunteer opportunities and themed events, and although registration for the program is voluntary, club members are required to attend certain weekend events.

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade County sponsor their own teen program which provides homework assistance, prepares teens for future careers, hosts guest speakers and arranges field trips for teenage club members 5. The program's Ocean Bank Teen Center is housed in the Alex Rodriguez Educational Center, which belongs to the Hank Kline Club of Miami 5. In addition to its educational offerings, this teen club also provides recreational opportunities including a pool table, dance lessons and sports teams.

Library Teen Clubs

The Miami Dade Public Library System has more to offer teens than just a quiet study spot and free internet access 5. The library system sponsors a number of clubs for teens at branches throughout the area. Teen-specific activities include anime and manga clubs, where teens meet to draw and discuss their favorite graphic novels; teen chess clubs; clubs dedicated to playing video and board games and solving puzzles; and a playwriting course just for teens.

Teen Nightclubs

Older teens looking for a taste of the nightlife have several options when it comes to clubs sponsoring events for under-21s. While not all of the concerts and dance parties hosted at Grand Central Station, The Vagabond, Eve and Club Space are open to teens, each of these venues does host some performances for ages 18 and up 234. Mekka Miami is a giant dance club that puts on college nights every Saturday with electronic music that frequently continues until early Sunday morning 5.

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