How to Write a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Card

An appreciation card is a simple and heartfelt way to express gratitude to your child's Sunday school teacher, most of whom work for free 12. Give a card at the beginning of the year to thank a teacher for taking the time to spend the Sunday school hour with your child each week, or give an appreciation card at the end of the year as a way to offer your thanks for the teacher's hard work in the past months 12. Letting your child do his part by helping decorate the card or write the sentiment inside is an ideal way to get him in on the action.

Fold a plain piece of white paper in half. You can do this so the card opens on the side or the bottom. Use card stock for a sturdier card.

Decorate the front of the card with the words, "Thank You." Let your child write on the card and add pictures, or do the writing for her -- and then let her add the pictures using crayons, markers or pasting on images you cut out from a magazine.

Write a note of appreciation inside the card. If your child had good handwriting, let him pen the words himself. If not, have him dictate what he wants the card to say and you can write the note for him. Include why you appreciate the Sunday school teacher 12. Your child might mention what he enjoyed most about Sunday school and why he loved being in the class.

Include phrases or poems in the card that you find in other cards or books. This is an alternative for young kids or for a child who has trouble putting her thoughts into words. "Thanks for your hard work," "I appreciate everything you taught me this year," or "God blessed me with a wonderful Sunday school teacher like you" are simple and quick sentiments that will work well 1.


Let your child decorate the inside of the card, too. This helps fill empty space if your note is short and sweet -- and also lets your child take part of the ownership of the card, so he's proud to present it to his Sunday school teacher.

Some parents enjoy giving a gift to accompany an appreciation card. Flowers, chocolates and gift cards are good choices that most teachers enjoy receiving.

If you want to present a card from the entire class, a picture of the students mounted on poster board with a note from each child is a simple and thoughtful way to get all the families involved. Let the parents sign, too, if they want to add their own notes of appreciation.

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