How to Get Your Wife Pregnant

Increase your chances of getting your wife pregnant.

For many people getting pregnant just happens, but other couples struggle to conceive. While much of the ability to get pregnant revolves around a woman's menstrual cycle, there are things men can do to increase the chances of pregnancy. Taking good care of your general health is a good start.

Avoid hot tubs. The high heat of hot tubs can kill off sperm and prevent it from fully maturing. It's important to keep your testicles cool, so avoid hot tubs or limit the time you spend in one to under 30 minutes. You should also avoid other high heat sources like saunas, long hot baths/showers and heating pads in that area as well that can decrease your fertility.

Wear loose underpants and avoid restrictive underwear. Throw out the tighty whiteys and go for boxers. If that is just too much change for you and you need more support, then go for boxer briefs, just make sure they are not too small or tight fitting. Wearing looser underpants will help keep your testicles cool, which is good for having a healthy sperm.

To keep your sperm count high, save it for intercourse only. Especially around the time your wife is ovulating (anywhere from 10 to 16 days after the start of her last period. It happens in the middle of the time from the start of her last period to the start of the next period.) You want to make sure you save your active fertile sperm for the time around ovulation so the egg has a better chance of meeting up with viable sperm.

Have intercourse frequently during your wife's ovulation period. The more times you make love, the better the chances of getting pregnant.

Make sure you are getting enough zinc. Studies have suggested a link between zinc deficiencies and low sperm counts in men. To make sure you are getting adequate zinc, make sure you are eating meat, whole grains, seafood and eggs. And to be certain, take a daily multivitamin that contains zinc.

Have fun and don't forget to enjoy trying to get pregnant. Try to avoid making it feel like a lot of work or like a test. Just know your wife's cycle and the best time frame for getting her pregnant.


Avoid using lubricants or lotions during intercourse that may harm or kill the sperm. If needed, use a water-based lubricant and make sure it does not contain spermicide. Avoid smoking, drinking and other drugs while trying to conceive. Avoid using harmful medications that can affect your fertility when you are trying to get your wife pregnant, such as steroids and chemo and radiation treatments.