How to Be the Best Wife & Mother

In many cultures, the mother is the cornerstone of a family 2. She helps maintain a relationship with the husband, a proper environment for the children and happy interactions between all family members. The way to be the best mother is to adhere to all of the duties of a mother and wife, which vary from culture to culture. Some women may spend days maintaining the house and taking care of children, while others may spend the days in the work place making money for the family. Either way, there are a few core values that can make you the best mother and wife that you can be.

Act with patience, temperance and love. A good mother should be aware of the emotional and physical toll that children can take on her; a good wife should be aware of the difficulty in maintaining a good relationship as the both of you change through time. Being patient and forgiving of mistakes is key. Do not get caught up in a circumstance where you find yourself yelling and lashing out. Acting with restraint and temperance is the best way to show a patient love for your husband and children.

Work hard to contribute to the family. Whereas you may work at a job to bring home income or at home to take care of household duties, you should always work hard to contribute positively to the family. Keep in mind that working hard and making money are not the same thing. Working hard means engaging in the needs and wants of a family, and making money can be a part of this. However, an obsession with working and being away from home to make money can detract from your familial relationships.

Feed your children's intellect, and this may inadvertently feed your husband's intellect as well. Good mothering involves teaching children to formulate ideas and providing them with learning opportunities in the form of museum trips, books, games, outdoor adventures and other enjoyable -- yet educational -- activities. Creating a household environment in which learning and reading are encouraged can aid in your children's future success, and also allow you and your husband to work together to instruct your children.

Spend time with your husband in a private way. You do not want to spend all of your time taking care of your children, because you may lose sight of your marriage. Take time to do something special with your husband, and arrange for a babysitter to watch the children. This will help you connect to your husband with no worries or distractions.

Listen to other and be open to change. Once you have made a commitment to be a good wife and mother, you want to stick to it, but this does not mean that you need to stick to the same game plan the entire time. You should be flexible and willing to change your approach as problems and situations arise. Respond to each challenge in the best way that you can, instead of simply responding in such a way because you have always responded in such a way. Be creative and innovative.


It is a good idea to set some goals for yourself. What do you think constitutes a good mother or wife? Organize a set of goals that you want to accomplish.


Sometimes problems in the household are beyond any one person's control, and so you should not blame yourself when things go wrong. A good mother and wife does not prevent household problems; a good mother and wife responds to household problems with a loving attitude.

You should always stand up for yourself, but don't be stubborn. You need to assert your own needs and issues to your other family members, but don't remain so rooted in your own perspective on certain disagreements that you aren't open to new ideas.