What kind of sand is play sand?

Sandboxes need to be filled with play sand, not just any kind of sand. Some sands have harsh chemicals, bugs and animal fecal matter in them, which could be harmful to human health, especially that of children. Types of safe play sand are Caribbean beach sand, fun sand, white safe sand and Sandtastik 2.

Caribbean Beach Sand

Caribbean beach sand, a white play sand with a natural chalky appearances, is fine and smooth in texture because it contains ground shells, corals and aragonite 2. The sand comes directly from the Caribbean Sea and is all-natural without added colourings or chemicals 2. This play sand is good for children who like to build sandcastle in their sandboxes.

Fun Sand

Fun sand comes in different colours like purple and blue and can be used in indoor and outdoor sandboxes. The texture of this sand feels like beach sand, and it can be used to make moulded sandcastles, seashells, turtles, fish and crab designs in the sandbox. This sand is made from thermoplastic minerals and is free of dust and toxins.

White Safe Sand

White safe sand is made with feldspathic sand, which has no silica or quartz. Children can safely use this sand for building sandcastles and making moulded sand designs like sea turtles, starfish, sailboats and lobsters. White safe sand is fine like beach sand, without a lot of dust 2.


Sandtastik is a fine sand that comes in different colours like white, blue, purple, green, pink, red, orange, tan, yellow, black and brown. Soft and smooth in texture, this sand is similar to ocean beaches and islands. This play sand can be used in indoor and outdoor sandboxes and is safe for children because it is silica-free.