Ways to Get Similac Alimentum at a Reduced Cost

Baby formula, no matter the brand, can add up to become a major expense in new parents’ lives. Pediatricians recommend that infants stay with the same brand and type of compatible formula for the first year of life. Similac Alimentum is a hypoallergenic formula that is specially designed to reduce colic due to protein sensitivity. Similac Alimentum costs more than other Similac brands, but parents can save money by using in-store or online resources.

Online Coupons

One of the easiest ways to lower your formula bill is to download online coupons. Before scanning the Internet for coupons, register at similac.com, where you can obtain free printable coupons. Coupons will appear in your e-mail inbox, almost immediately, and then you can visit the site as needed to download additional coupons.

Parenting or baby sites are other hot spots to try for coupons. Sites such as BabyCenter.com offer what seems to be an endless supply of coupons for items ranging from baby furniture to Similac Alimentum.

Other sites such as CouponMom.com are member forum-based sites where readers share places where they found a good deal and online coupons.

Before using any online coupon, read the fine print carefully 2. Some online coupons cannot be subject to doubling or used in conjunction with another offer.

Grocery Store

Many grocery store chains offer a special newborn or infant club. You can either visit the store to sign up or register on the grocery store’s website. Many clubs ask for your due date or the baby’s birth date and what kind of products you and the baby typically use each month.

Depending on the store, you’ll receive a monthly coupon package in either the mail or via e-mail that contains a newsletter and in-store coupons for your favorite items 2. Some stores cross-sell other products and send coupons for items you may like to try. Typically, the store will send several coupons each month for diapers and formula that add up to substantial savings 1. Many clubs will send you coupons for up to 24 months and will change the product offering, such as including baby food coupons, as your baby grows.

Renew your baby club membership with the birth of each child and save the coupons you don’t use immediately. Sometimes the store will send you coupons for baby food before your child is eating solids. Hold on to those coupons and use them when your child is ready.