Valentine's Ideas for a Teen Boy Who Likes Football

The question of what sort of Valentine's Day offering to make to a teen guy who is a football fanatic is answered by tapping in to his favorite sport. With the hearts and flowers holiday following on the heels of the testosterone-driven gridiron season, any reference honoring football ought to go a long way toward getting your teen guy to participate in the Valentine's Day cheering section.

Football-Themed Card

You will gain significant yardage with a football-themed card for a teen guy. Most likely, it will be challenging to find a commercially produced card combining football and the sentiment of Valentine's Day. Make your own instead. Print clip art shapes of a football, a goal and hearts of various sizes on thicker paper. Attach the football and goal in the center of the front of the card. Surround them with hearts. The thickness of the cutouts adds dimension to the front. Attach more football cut outs inside the card and hand-write your message: ''Your love for me always makes a first down or its first and goal and you carry my heart in to the end zone or your kiss scores like a touchdown.''

Football Food

Skip the fancy restaurant menu and serve your teen crush a selection of football-watching style chow. He is most likely in withdrawal as the Super Bowl was earlier in February and the gridiron is shut down until fall. Prep his favorite football grub but decorate it for serving with a heart-themed twist. Attach heart cutouts and a "Happy Valentine's Day" sign on toothpicks to insert in sandwiches and hamburgers. Same ideas apply if you are the mom of a teen guy boycotting the mushy holiday by having his buddies over for a meal. Serve them up plenty of guys-watching-football-food as they watch a recording of the Super Bowl.

Football DVDs

Again, most likely your teen football fanatic is suffering from the end of the football season by the time Valentine's Day rolls around. Ease his pain with football DVDs. From footage of classic games and scoring moments to highlights from the just-played Super Bowl to full-length football-themed movies such as The Replacements, We Are Marshall, Leatherheads or The Longest Yard will keep his mind off hearts and flowers.


Whether you are the girlfriend, crush, platonic friend or parent of a teen guy with gridiron leanings, there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from to honor his likes. Valentine's Day coincides with the end of football season and chances are likely retailers have reduced the price tag on some of those more costly items such as jerseys. Give some apparel featuring his favorite team. If he is a driver, team-oriented items such as a license plate holder, car mats, bumper sticker, seat covers or the a stuffed team mascot to sit in the back seat are thoughtful choices.

Capture His Memories

If your teen guy is a football player, now is the time to get all those pictures from the just-finished season off the computer and on to pages of a scrapbook. Include articles from the local newspaper detailing his team's progress through the season. Include some of your own thoughts and observations from the sidelines. He will be pleasantly surprised by these new details about the game the he did not notice as a player.


Let's face it ladies: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This applies even to teen guys still becoming men. A plate of football-shaped cookies with various loving sentiments etched on with icing shows you will take the time to make him a special treat that also honors his interest. Just don't be offended if he ravenously chows them down: Just get a picture of the plate of cookies or of him holding them before you blow a whistle indicating that play -- um -- the eating of said cookies, can begin.