Unique Winter Hats for Teens

Although it might have been hard to keep a hat on your school-age child, your teenager is now likely cool with wearing hats that let him express his sense of style. Hats protect the head in all climates, particularly during the cold winter months 1. They also help prevent a large amount of body heat from escaping the body. Choose a winter hat that lets your teen keep warm and look good at the same time.

Knitted Caps

Knitted caps or beanies are popular among teens, especially in the cold winter months. Your teen can keep her look unique with a chunky knit cap that is made out of thick wool yarn or one that is decorated with yarn flowers and embroidery. A knitted cap that is sagging at the back gives your teen plenty of room if she wants to wear her hair in a bun or ponytail. Knitted caps that have long ear pieces and drawstrings can be worn down under the neck to keep the ears warm or tied up to uncover the ears, if desired.


Hoods have the added benefit of keeping the entire head -- including the ears, the back and front of the neck -- warm and toasty. Some hoods can be adjusted with drawstrings or Velcro straps to keep out chilly gusts of wind. If your teen does not have a hood on his sweatshirt or jacket, he can wear a hooded hat. This hat looks like a hood and is made out of thick sweatsuit, fleecy or down-filled material, but it is completely separate from a jacket or shirt. Teens simply put it on and secure it. Some hooded hats have a built-in ski mask to protect your teen's chin, mouth and nose during a blizzard on the slopes or a windy walk home from school.

Wool Felt Hats

Wool felt hats come in all shapes and sizes, including bowler hats and berets. Choose a style and color that your teen will wear. Styles include the 1920s "newspaper boy" look or an equestrian-style hat with a short brim at the front. These hats are made out of thick wool felt that is warm and keeps the hat sturdy. This look is a bit more dressy, but a teen with a good sense of style can pull it off.

Brimmed Hats

Hats with brims keep the snow and rain out of your teenager's face and give her a unique look. If your teen wants to wear a wide, floppy-brimmed hat, choose one that is in a dark color and made out of thick felt so that it isn't mistaken for a sun hat. Your teen can also wear a knitted cap that has a short knitted brim attached to the front of it. Hats that are made in the style of a baseball cap but made out of warm wool or felt material are also good choices for teenagers.