How to Get Triplets Free Baby Items

Need to get triplets baby items? For parents of twins, triplets and higher-order multiples, freebies can be a big help when the little ones arrive. There are some freebies available for all new babies, and some special giveaways offered just to babies born as multiples. Online freebies, local organizations and clubs for parents of multiples are a few sources of free baby items.

Decide how much personal information you are willing to share. Some companies ask for dates of birth, names and sexes of the babies, and of course parents' names and contact information. For privacy reasons, you can often elect to be vague about the children's details and use a P.O. box for receiving items by mail if you prefer.

Many offers specifically for triplets require proof of eligibility via mailed birth certificate photocopies.

Sign up for services that provide your information to dozens of companies offering freebies, coupons, samples and baby items to new parents. This will save you some time scouting out dozens of small deals. See Resources, below, for two such websites.

Contact diaper manufacturers for free diapers. Find the customer service phone numbers, and call for details. You'll likely need to mail copies of the triplets' birth certificates, as well as your name and address, to the company at an address they'll provide. Try Huggies, Pampers and Luv's to get your triplets free baby items.

Join local Parents of Multiples Clubs, such as Moms of Twins & More, whose leaders often have a list of area merchants and national companies that give freebies to families with triplets.

Network with other multiple parents to get free hand-me downs or used baby gear cheaply.

Contact baby food companies, let them know about your triple blessing and ask for free baby food coupons, samples and even cases of baby food.

Shop at consignment sales put on by mothers of multiples clubs to get great deals on clothes, toys and equipment for multiple-birth babies. It may not exactly be free, but you'll save enough money on the things you need it will be much more affordable to raise your triplet blessings.


Contact diaper and baby food companies for more coupons every three to six months as your babies grow and move into the next size or stage.

Ask car dealerships if they can offer a deep discount on a family-style vehicle for you newly enlarged family.