How to Treat Children With ADHD Without Medication

It seems that today when a child will not sit still in the classroom or seems to lack the ability to keep their attention focused on one thing, the diagnosis ends with ADD or ADHD. Then, the child takes prescriptions to “control” this behavior. Perhaps the solution for this child who does not behave accordingly is due to lack of attention, structure, physical activity or even sleep. Adjust these factors and avoid medication using behavioral therapy. According to as many as 20% receive no real benefits from medication and those that do, still experience problems with ADHD 2.

Treating ADHD without medication requires change 2. Change any personal point of view and attitude you hold towards her behavior. This positive attitude must come from you. Release the frustration you have as an adult and try to understand her. Think about how she feels as a child who has trouble paying attention or sitting still. Focus on the positive, let go of the negative.

Take parenting classes. Enroll in other courses that allow the parent and child to work together to help the child and parent cope better with ADHD. These courses teach ways to handle the fidgeting, hyperactivity, improve focusing skills and much more. Keep a positive and open mind because parents going into these courses also work on improving parental behavior.

Think of the behaviors you want to encourage. Using positive reinforcement, when she does something like cleans her room by herself, encourages her, as this is the behavior you want to reoccur. Use fairness when deciding on a proper consequence for her actions. You want to improve the inappropriate behavior, not worsen it.

Approach a child with patience and love. Give him plenty of affection and attention. Children love hugs, books and even just watching that favorite movie with mommy or daddy. Teach him patience through showing him patience. The “do as I do” model for him to follow works because children love to imitate and soak up parental actions.

Parent a child with consistency. Children thrive on consistent routines every single day. Implement a daily routine and stick with it. Make sure the routine meets the needs of the child and remember to meet your individual needs too.

Remove all the sugary foods out of her diet. Replace these with healthy snacks and meals. Children do not require the extra boost from foods that do more harm than good. Healthy foods aid in proper growth and functioning of the body and mind.

Set an early bedtime. A young child need not be up late at night. The more sleep they receive, the better they behave. Lack of sleep causes an increase in hyperactivity/inattentive symptoms in children compared with those who received more than 7.7 hours of sleep a night according to


This treatment method takes time, keep working at it.


Some types of ADHD are more extreme and may require low doses of medication along with behavioral therapy.