Toddler Modeling in Northern Virginia

Every parent thinks there child has the star quality to be a child model.

Many parents think their child has the star quality to be a model. It is important to understand that every market requires different talent. Most smaller markets do not accept children under the age of five. Virginia is not a large market for toddler modeling so do not expect regular work for your children. However, smaller markets are a great way to get your child started in the modeling industry.

Virginia Agencies

The best way to find a toddler modeling agency in Virginia is to contact local northern Virginia children's photographers such as Susan Bramwell Photography, R David Photography or Karen Becker Photography.

Photographers typically have insight on which agencies are in the area and who is legit. The Better Business Bureau should also help discover any complaints against agencies.

Agency Submissions

Professional photographs are not required to submit your photographs to agencies. Send snapshot photographs by mail to your selected agencies. Include your contact information and your child's stats on the back of the photos. If an agency is interested in your child, they will contact you within four to six weeks. Agencies usually do not welcome phone calls to check on the status of your submission. They receive hundreds of submissions weekly so it's impossible to keep up with each photograph that comes across their desk.


Research each agency thoroughly before submitting your child's photograph. There are many individuals and companies that take advantage of unsuspecting families. It's important to understand that you should not pay an agency to represent your child. Agencies make their money when your child does. Be aware and stay away from large, up-front fees.