Things to Do to Surprise Your Husband

As much as you love your husband, getting stuck in a regular routine of life can dampen the fire and excitement in your marriage. Remind your husband of all the reasons he fell in love with you by surprising him out of the blue every now and then with helpful, romantic and amazing gestures of your love.

Do Him A Favor

Do something unexpected for your spouse, even it is something little. For example, if he gets up at the crack of dawn to go to work, slip out and start the car for him and turn on the heat on a bitterly cold morning so that it will be nice and warm when he leaves. Call him at work and tell him not to worry about picking the kids up from school since you already did, and tell him to go do that thing he hasn't had time for lately such as a round of golf or an after-work beer with the guys. Complete a task around the house that he usually does before he can get to it.

Romance Him

Surprise your husband with flowers at work, especially if he normally is the one to give you flowers. Send them with a romantic note about what to expect when he gets home. Be spontaneous with your intimate moments. If you're daring, pick him up from the airport after a business trip wearing a trench coat -- and nothing underneath. Turn on the hot tub on your deck in the middle of winter for an evening rendezvous. Tell him you're going to dinner and take him to a four-star hotel. Wine and dine him in the presidential suite for one night. It's the unexpected, romantic time with your spouse that helps to keep the fire going.

"Just Because" Gift

Surprise your husband with a gift when it is not his birthday or a special holiday. Give him that electronic tablet he's had his eye on and give it to him on a random day in the middle of the week. Upgrade your cable TV to give him the 24-hour football network he's been trying to persuade you to purchase. Surprise him with his favorite meal, especially if it is something you rarely make because it takes a lot of time. Surprise him with a new suit for a critical business meeting he has been fretting to you about, as a way to help boost his confidence.

Surprise Getaway

Call your husband at work on a Friday and tell him to come straight home after work. When he gets there, have the car packed with your bags for a weekend trip out of town. Don't tell him where you are going, just get him in the car and go. Whether you go to a bed and breakfast in a quaint coastal town or hit the big city for a weekend of upscale indulgence, your husband is sure to love the spontaneity of it all. If you have vacation time coming up, surprise your spouse with tickets to an overseas destination he has always dreamed of visiting.