Themes for a Mother-Daughter Tea

Tea parties are not just for little girls and their stuffed animals. An elegant tea service is still part of life in other parts of the world, and many upscale hotels in the United States offer a daily tea time. A mother-daughter tea is an ideal opportunity for girls and their mothers to bond and make special memories. Choose the right type of theme for your mother-daughter tea based on the age of the girls attending, a special occasion or the interests of the guests.

Imagination Tea Party

For a mother-daughter tea with young girls, choose a theme that indulges their imaginations. You could have a teddy bear mother-daughter tea, where each girl can bring her favorite teddy to sit next to her. The mother's could present the daughters with a new accessory or piece of clothing for the bears. Alternatively, you could have a doll theme, with girls bringing dolls, perhaps wearing a matching dress, to the tea. Another idea is to have a fairy or princess theme, where the girls are princesses and the mothers are queens. You might have a coronation ceremony as part of the tea, with the mothers crowning their daughters as princesses.

Cultural Tea Party

Take tradition out of the mother-daughter tea party and plan one based on how tea is served in other cultures. You can have a tea party where tea is served Japanese-style, for example. You could hire Japanese tea experts to demonstrate a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and to teach the mothers and daughters about Japanese traditions. You could also do an Indian tea party, which includes serving the mothers and daughters chai tea. Decorate the tea party area based on the culture you are focusing on and visit ethnic grocery stores to find snacks you can serve alongside the tea.

Bonding Themes

Plan a tea party where the focus is on mother-daughter bonding. One idea is to have a motherly advice theme, where each of the mothers stands and reads some words of wisdom to the girls in attendance. For older teen girls you could help them host a mother's appreciation tea, perhaps around Mother's Day, where each daughter stands and honors her mother individually. It might also include a ceremony where the girls pin a flower onto their mother's blouse.

Miscellaneous Themes

For moms and daughters who are avid readers, you could host a book review tea. Each mother and daughter would bring a book that they read together and want to share with the group. You could have the mother-daughter pairs come wearing outfits inspired by characters in the books. Another idea is to host a tea that honors historic women throughout American history. Name each table at the tea after a different famous woman, such as Susan B. Anthony or Sojourner Truth. The tea could include a slide show with pictures and a narrative about these women.