The Touching Reason Kathy Griffin Shaved Her Head

Comedian Kathy Griffin shaved her head to show solidarity for her sister who is undergoing chemotherapy.

If there’s one thing Kathy Griffin has proven by now, it’s that she’s not afraid to get candid and take risks. But the most recent eye-catching news about the comedian is for a deeply personal and touching reason.

Griffin, 56, unveiled her shaved head on Monday — a gesture of solidarity for her sister, Joyce, who is battling cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy.

According to, her sister’s battle with cancer is hitting Griffin especially hard because her older brother, Gary, passed away from esophageal cancer in 2014. Griffin called her brother’s two-year battle “a brutal struggle” in her tribute to him on Instagram.

After pictures of Griffin’s shaved pate surfaced on Twitter, her mother, Maggie, posted that her daughter was “a wonderful human being.”

Being lauded as a wonderful human being is a positive change of pace for Griffin in light of the hot water she found herself in back in May. After posing with a fake, but gruesome, decapitated head of Donald Trump, Griffin underwent a federal investigation and was fired from her New Year’s Eve co-hosting gig with CNN. Griffin has since apologized and also recently tweeted that she’s no longer under federal investigation and has been “completely exonerated.”

Though Griffin’s act to shave her head is certainly admirable, she’s not the only celebrity doing so. R&B singer Keke Wyatt shared last week that she, too, shaved her head to support her child battling cancer.

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