How to Test Baby Products for Free

Parenting is an expensive business, especially in the early days when you need to buy a range of equipment, plus a seemingly endless supply of diapers, clothes and toiletries. Testing baby products for free eases the cost and also provides valuable information for other parents and parents-to-be 1. Products for testing range from: bath time products to strollers and infant carriers 1. A growing number of parenting websites seek parent testers.

Join which is a free site sponsored by a range of baby product manufacturers.

Register your details and those of your children on the form provided by the website. You will be asked for information such as; your email address and child's date of birth. Make sure you fill in all the necessary fields to enhance your chances of being matched to the most appropriate, available products.

Check the boxes from the list of products which are of interest to you 1. Products on offer range from diapers to a variety of free gifts from Enfamil. The list changes on a regular basis, so it is important to keep checking what the manufacturers are promoting.

Wait for emails to arrive offering you the chance to test products matched to you and your circumstances, by the manufacturers who sponsor the site 1. Be prepared for the information you supply to be shared with other companies who might be able to provide free products or money-saving coupons.

Try registering on other sites for other products, such as strollers, toys and infant carriers. A site that provides opportunities for testing many products in return for a written reviews -- good or bad -- is: This site requires a little more information than basic details. It will ask you to provide a few paragraphs on items you can't live without as a mom.

Keep a lookout in parenting magazines for offers and competitions.

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