How to Tell if a Teenage Boy Really Likes Your Daughter

Your daughter has finally reached her teenage years and is ready to start dating. The thought of your daughter on a date can be terrifying, so talk to your teen about choosing the right boy who has good intentions and a genuine interest in her. When a boy likes a girl, his feelings are reflected through actions, verbal communication and non-verbal clues. Explain to your teenager that she is a valuable young lady and she deserves a boy who really likes her and who will treat her well.

Take notice of your daughter's male friends to recognize the signs that a teenage boy likes your daughter 4. Watch for boys who start coming around more often to ensure he is the type of boy you want your daughter dating.

Look for the boy at your daughter’s activities. If the boy is showing up to her dance recitals or sports games, this suggests he has an interest in your daughter because he is taking an interest in her hobbies.

Ask your teen how often the boy is calling, texting or communicating with her. If he is reaching out to her daily -- especially with a phone call -- chances are he likes your daughter.

Watch the interactions between the boy and your daughter. Does he make eye contact and lean into her while she is talking? This indicates he likes what she has to say. Pay attention to the compliments he gives your daughter 2. If he tells her “I love your smile,” or “You are beautiful,” this is a sign he has a sincere interest in your daughter.

Take notice of how much time your daughter is spending with a boy face-to-face. A good indication that a boy likes a girl is when he is spending time with her regularly doing activities such as homework or attending school activities. It’s also a good sign if the boy brings your daughter to activities with his friends or family. If he is introducing her to the people who are important in his life, it probably means she is important to him.

Notice any gifts your daughter receives. Flowers, jewelry or other trinkets of affection are an expression of a romantic interest.

Talk to your daughter about proper behavior in a relationship. Although it can be uncomfortable, address the issues of abuse, intimacy, date rape and consent. Every act has to be consensual in a relationship. Explain to your daughter that she should never feel threatened or unsafe.

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