Signs of a Cheating Teen Boyfriend

Teenagers in serious relationships might eventually think their boyfriend is cheating on them 1. At that point, the dilemma is finding proof and resolving the issue. If you enjoy the relationship, it might be difficult to end it. But several signs can give you the proof you need to know if your teen boyfriend is cheating 1.

Social Events

If your teen boyfriend stops spending time with you and doesn't seem to enjoy your company as much, he might be cheating on you 1. He might stop inviting you to parties or events where his friends will talk about other girls he is seeing. His close friends could drop hints that he is cheating, even at school or they might avoid you. His distant behavior can be one of the first signs that he is being unfaithful.


If he feels or acts guilty, he might try to avoid you by simply being rude. He might accuse you of cheating or try to pick a fight with you for no reason or over something very petty. He also might "forget" that you made plans together. He may even try to justify his actions by insisting that you deserve his unfaithfulness. His lack of consideration is his problem though.


If your boyfriend suddenly changes his appearance, he could be trying to impress another girl or just trying to embarrass you by the way he looks. Usually, high school boys maintain some consistency in the way they dress or their clothing style unless they have a secondary motivation for changing the way they look.


His friends or your friends might begin to gossip about other girls your teen boyfriend sees. Chances are he has confided in someone regarding the new girl. Although every rumor might not be true, if you hear the same thing from several different sources, pay attention. Those rumors could be true.


Many teen couples communicate through text messages, cell phone calls, online social media or email. If he changes his communication style or if you can't reach him, he could be cheating. If he quits answering his phone or sending you quick text messages, look hard at your relationship to see if he is cheating.

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