Characteristics of a Daddy's Girl

Some women recall their childhood relationships with fathers as incredibly positive, which is a characteristic of a “daddy’s girl.” Having a positive relationship with a father can help women identify desirable masculine traits, such as directness or being career-driven, according to a 2012 Huffington Post article titled, “The Dark Side of Being Daddy's Little Girl.” On the positive side, daddy’s girls characteristically feel a sense of security or pride when a father’s approval is extended. Being a daddy’s girl can have the negative effect of lost confidence in self-efficacy or personal intelligence, however.

Mother Figure

Running into problems with a mother figure can be another characteristic of daddy’s girls. Although daughters enjoy a close relationship with fathers, this can create tension with a mother who feels left out or unimportant in comparison, according to a 2011 "Psychology Today" article titled, “Father-Daughter Bond Enjoys a Growth Spurt.” Mothers might not have found a healthy way to adjust to fathers playing a key role in the family dynamic 2. However, mothers can remind themselves that daughters stand to benefit from positive interactions with fathers. Close relationships with dads can give daughters confidence in matters including sports, careers, finance and character development.

Masculine Approval

Daughters who basked in the approval of their fathers might develop a habit of seeking masculine approval later in life, according to a 2010 article on the Dialectical Psychology website titled, “Daddy’s Girls -- Women with a Positive Father Complex.” Although daddy’s girls might feel comfortable and confident in the company of men, this could be closely tied to their feelings of acceptance and approval-seeking. This can lead to potentially dependent or unhealthy relationships with men.

Dating Issues

Dating issues sometimes emerge when daughters struggled with unhealthy relationships with fathers during childhood, according to a 2012 Marie Claire article titled, “Not Daddy’s Little Girl.” When fathers aren’t present during childhood, this can lead to feelings of betrayal or abandonment 1. Passivity or resentment can create problems in subsequent romantic relationships. If you’re suffering negative consequences of being or not being a “daddy’s girl,” reflecting on a father’s personal accountability for his choices can help draw a distinction between his life and your life. Embracing positive factors in your current circumstances can help release negative experiences from the past.

Mate Selection

According to the Science article, “Sexual Imprinting: Are You A Daddy's Girl?” daughters with strong positive relationships with fathers during childhood are more likely to select mates resembling their dads 3. In contrast, daughters who were not “daddy’s girls” selected mates who resembled their fathers to a lesser extent.

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