How to Tell Preschool Children About Leprechauns

Whether you are 100 percent Irish, or only Irish on St. Patty’s Day, teaching your preschooler about leprechauns is an exciting way for him to learn about the holiday. Many leprechaun-themed stories, songs and crafts can teach your tot about that crafty little man who promises a pot of gold -- if only you can catch him 1.


Teach your child to sing, “I’m a Little Leprechaun,” sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Tea Pot.” The lyrics are: “I'm a little leprechaun dressed in green; the tiniest man that you've ever seen 1. If you ever catch me so it's told, I'll give you my pot of gold!”

Read “The Leprechaun Trap,” by David and Kelly Clinch, a story about kids trying to catch a mischievous leprechaun and the trouble that ensues 1. This book might help inspire your kiddo to create a trap of his own.

Make a leprechaun trap to catch him sneaking into your house 1. Decorate a shoebox, cereal box or other small cardboard container that your child will set as a trap to catch the leprechaun 1. Paint it green -- the leprechaun’s favorite color -- and add gold glitter or paper shamrocks for decoration 1. Cut a small door in the cardboard box and place upside down. Place gold glitter inside to act as bait.

Search for lost leprechaun gold in your house 1. Hide gold foil wrapped chocolate coins or spray paint dried beans or uncooked macaroni to look like bits of gold. Place a few random pieces around the house to look like a trail. At the end of the trail, have a black container for the pot of gold filled with the gold pieces for your child to find.

Sing the song, “The Eensy Weensy Leprechaun,” to the tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” The song goes: “The eensy, weensy leprechaun came out St. Patrick's Day 1. To look for the gold that was hidden far away. Over the rainbow was where he was told, so, with a wink of his green eye, he ran to get the gold.”

Make a leprechaun meal by adding green food coloring to your child's favorite foods 1. Green milk, pancakes, yogurt, pudding or gelatin dessert would make a tasty green treat.

Make a rainbow craft by gluing colored cereal loops on a piece of construction paper in the shape of a rainbow. Start with a big outer red arch and follow with orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Draw a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.