How To Help a Teen Keep a Relationship Fun

By Candice Coleman
Trying new activities together can improve a teen's relationship.
Trying new activities together can improve a teen's relationship.

Love may be in the air, but after a while, your teenager may stumble into relationship difficulties. Keeping a relationship exciting and warding off boredom can be a romantic challenge throughout life. Giving your teen tips on how to keep the romance alive may benefit your teen's relationship for years to come.

Encourage your son to explore the interests he shares with his girlfriend. While both may know that they each enjoy playing video games, one teen may want to learn a new language while another is curious about learning to paint. Taking classes together in these subjects may not only give them bonding time, but a new experience to discuss.

Advise your teen to give to her partner to keep her relationship exciting, according to Psychology Today. Small tokens of love and appreciation, like tender notes left on a boyfriend's car or a small package of his favorite candy at his doorstep can go a long way in cementing a relationship. It may also encourage your daughter's boyfriend to be equally generous with her.

Give teenagers date ideas. Planning frequent romantic outings not only gives teenagers something to look forward to, but also time to bond in a fun atmosphere. A picnic in the park, an outing to a concert or local festival, or even a day-long trip to an amusement park may be ideas that your son and his partner will enjoy.

Spend time with your daughter and encourage her to spend time with her friends. Spending too much time with a romantic partner can wear both people out, according to Psychology Today. Your daughter should keep other areas of her life going and remember that she is an individual despite her relationship. When she sees her boyfriend again, she may have new stories and experiences about other elements of her life to share.

Examine whether or not your son's relationship is a healthy one. Though your son may be doing his best to build a happy and interesting relationship with his girlfriend, they may not be compatible enough to make it work in the long-term. A shift in your son's personality, depression, trouble at school or work or jealousy of his partner may be signs that the relationship is headed down the wrong path, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Instead of trying to put more fun into the relationship, your son and his girlfriend may be better off if it ends.

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