Teen Girl Collage Activities

Collages are a cool way for teen girls to express themselves, whether using personal pictures, random magazine cutouts or their own works of art. Collages are as individual as each teen -- no one is going to look exactly the same. Encourage your teen to embrace collages as way to express herself in a positive way and create art work to decorate her room with.

Framed Collage

Give your teen a large poster board and a bunch of teen-friendly magazines to create any type of picture she chooses. You can also encourage your teen to create a vision board-type of collage, with pictures of elements that inspire her, jobs she is interested in pursuing and colleges she hopes to get accepted into. Laminate the collages and put them in a frame for your teen to hang on her walls.

Silhouette Collage

Tape a large sheet of white paper to a wall and have your teen stand in front of it, showing the profile of her face. Use a light source such as a flashlight or a lamp without a shade to cast her silhouette onto the paper. Trace her silhouette onto the paper, ensuring she stays steady. Have your teen cut it out, then use her profile to create a self-image collage. Encourage her to look for positive, affirmative words or statements in magazines and cover her silhouette cutout completely with those words. Positive words for your teen to look out for include:

  • "strong," "smart," "warm," "beautiful," "extraordinary," "intelligent," "happy"
  • "believe." Encourage your teen to look at the silhouette daily to remind herself of who she is and what she's made of

You can also try to do a full-body silhouette.

Wall Collage

Let your teen express herself by allowing her to cover one wall completely in a collage. It can be a collage of pictures of memories with her and her friends, her likes and dislikes, the celebrities she has crushes on or a combination of everything. Have her use poster putty to put the pictures and magazine cutouts onto the wall without damaging it. Another idea, if your teen cannot cover a whole wall, is to have her paste the pictures and images to her wall so they spell out her name. She might have to cut the pictures and magazine images a bit, so they fit the shape of the letters in her name. The overall effect is impressive and one she will be proud to show her friends.

Artistic Collage

If your teen has an artistic eye, encourage her to create any type of artsy collage. She could make a textured collage using different types of fabrics and other materials like tissue paper and foil. She could paint a movie theater background on poster board and tape a bunch of her saved movie stubs to it. She might combine a water color painting, with a pen sketch and acrylic painting all in one picture. Encourage your teen to be as creative as possible. She is only limited by her imagination.