Table Settings for Kids' Parties

Dress up the table to add pizzazz to the party atmosphere.

The preparation for your child's birthday celebration can be a hectic task, as you will want every detail to look perfect. An organized party table will allow you to serve snacks and drinks efficiently, and keep the party flowing smoothly. You can arrange the table in a way that will grasp the guests' attention and encourage them to sit down to eat.

Keeping with a Theme

Having a theme for your kid's party table is the central step to creating a festive table. Select a theme that will not only interest your child and other young party guests but will also coincide with any wall decorations, such as banners. Consider your child's favorite cartoon character, animal or sport for a theme. A patterned or printed motif, such as polka dots or paisley, can be an alternative option. If you choose to keep things simple, use primary or pastel colors as a neutral theme idea. Additionally, a theme also makes it easier to find coordinating party ware, party favors and a centerpiece for the table.

Jazzing up the Tablecloth

Before setting the table with party ware, add a special touch to the tablecloth. A table runner creates an extra pop of color to any party table. Simply cut out circles from colored card stock that coincide with the party colors, then slightly overlap the circles and paste together with glue dots to lay across a simple table cloth. Alternatively, consider placing white canvas paper over a tablecloth. Place crayons at each party guest's setting. Kids can draw pictures or write birthday messages on the paper for your child to use as a keepsake.

Decorating the Table

Inexpensive trinkets placed here and there can create a lively party table setting. Scatter themed confetti or small pieces of curled ribbon across the table. Place small items around the table to coincide with the party's theme, such as toy cars for a car-themed party or plastic flowers for a luau. Consider placing name cards for the young guests in front of each individual setting to keep the party organized. Use patterned sheets of paper for table placemats. Roll up plastic utensils in colorful napkins and tie a ribbon around them to place on each plate. Or, place party favor bags on each plate with the utensils to the side of the plate.

Adding a Centerpiece

The appropriate centerpiece on the table should be eye-catching and leave the birthday child and party guests in awe. A large balloon bouquet coinciding with the party's theme, such as cartoon characters or sports balls, will give the table a cheerful vibe. Add a few numbered balloons to the bouquet mix for the birthday child's age. A themed cookie bouquet is another option. Alternatively, simply place a large item in the center of the table to match the party's theme -- think a teapot for a tea party birthday or a toy train set for a train-themed party. Place the birthday cake on a separate table with the party food.