Free Subscriptions for Kids

Sign your child up for some free subscriptions to magazines, educational sites and clubs. You can save your money by discovering these sites that give you a special code or you just fill out where to send the subscription. For instance, the Lego club gives you a free hard copy magazine subscription for two years 1. Children who have a love for animals may choose the Peta for kids magazine subscription for free.

Lego Club Magazine Subscription

You can sign your child up for the Lego club for free and get the Lego magazine delivered to your home 1. This is a bonus for Lego fans as the magazine has Lego oriented stories, pictures of kids’ Lego creations and keeps your child up to date on the latest Lego products 1. games, puzzles, and comics. Lego Club and Lego Club Jr. for children up to age 7 1. Each magazine is geared for age groups from 1 to 6, 7 to 12, and 13 and up.

Mighty Book Jr. Subscription

Type in a special coupon code when signing up for the Mighty Book Jr website and you get it for free. The basic subscription is normally $99. Click join for the basic subscription at the Mighty Book Jr website and the type the word "learntoread." It gives you and your children access to the site. Mighty Book Jr is an educational site for preschoolers up to sixth grade. You will find books including ESL and special educational books, songs, art and music, quizzes and science among other educational tools for families.

Peta Kids Magazine Subscription

Peta offers kids a free subscription to their “Guide to Helping Animals Magazine.” Kids or parents can go to the Peta Kids website to sign up for a Peta kids pack. The pack includes the magazine, stickers and five comic books about animals called, “A Dog’s Life,” “An Elephant’s Life,” “A Chicken’s Life,” “A Cow’s Life,” and “A Rat’s Life.” Kids discover ways to protect and respect wildlife through reading, puzzles and quizzes.

National Geographic Kids Subscription

Take advantage of the free National Geographic Kids subscription through the Magshark website. The free subscription is for one year, a total of 10 issues. It normally has a $24 price tag. The free subscription is geared for ages 6 through 14 years old. This is an ideal magazine for kids who are interested in the world around them including the environment, animals, science and interesting people. This is an educational magazine for kids and parents who want to learn more indepth about the world around them outside of his classroom.