How to Sterilize Dr. Browns Bottles

Unsterilized bottles can lead to infections and the transmission of viruses such as thrush. Thrush results from an imbalance of yeast in your baby's system and can cause white patches around the sides of his mouth and on his tongue. When bottles are not sterilized, the infection re-enters and reinfects the child's mouth. Dr. Brown's bottles have a few components, more than an average bottle — all of which need to be sterilized.


Pour water in a pot big enough to accommodate the Dr. Brown's bottle. The water line in the pot should exceed the bottle when it is lying on its side or standing up.

Boil the water on the stove.

Disassemble the Dr. Brown's bottle. Remove the nipple from the collar, and the vent stem from inside the bottle.

Wash the bottle pieces in warm to hot water with dish-washing soap to remove residue and other stains and debris.

Put the Dr. Brown's bottle — including the nipple, vent stem and cap — in the boiling water. Allow it to be saturated in the water for three minutes. Then turn off the stove.

Allow the water to cool before removing the bottles, or remove the bottles with tongs.


Disassemble the Dr. Brown's bottle. Unscrew the cap and remove the nipple. Pull the vent stem out of the bottle.

Wash the bottle and all parts with warm to hot water and dish-washing liquid in the sink. This doesn't sterilize the bottle, but it does remove the residue left from milk or juice.

Pull the two side latches on the top of the microwave steam sterilizer to remove the top 2. Notice the rack sitting inside the bottom half of the sterilizer; this is where you will set the bottle pieces.

Fill the bottom of the microwave steam sterilizer with water 2. Pay attention to the fill line on the bottom; don't fill the sterilizer past the fill line. Many steam sterilizers advise that you put 6 ounces of water into them 2.

Place the bottle pieces on top of the rack inside the microwave steam sterilizer 2. If using Dr. Brown's steam sterilizer, there are inserts designed to hold each bottle piece 2.

Secure the top of the sterilizer to the bottom with the latches and place it in the microwave for three minutes. Allow it to cool for several minutes before taking off the top.