Spring Theme Ideas for a Toddler Group

Instead of just meeting at someone's house for toddler group and letting the kids run free the entire time, change things up by planning a variety of toddler-friendly activities based around a particular theme. When the weather starts to get warm and the flowers start to bloom, spring-themed activities for your toddler playgroup liven things up and add a bit of fun and education to your get-together.

Spring Theme Storytime

Reading to children every day helps them prepare to read on their own, so gather the toddlers for some spring-themed reading. Ask all the parents to bring a book about spring and pick a few favorites to read aloud with all the kids. One book to consider for the toddlers is "I See Spring," by Charles Ghigna, which celebrates the weather, flowers and insects that spring brings. Another book to check out is "Hooray For Spring," by Patricia Hubbell, about a little boy who is excited about and celebrates all things spring, from swimming to exploring nature.

Spring Crafts

Toddlers are busy little creatures, so keep their hands and minds engaged with easy crafts related to spring. For example, have the kids make flowering trees that are starting to blossom. First, help the kids paint a tree trunk and branches on construction paper. Then have the kids use non-toxic school glue to paste tiny, crumbled pieces of tissue paper to the branches as the budding flowers. The toddlers could also make hand butterflies. Trace their hands onto construction paper and cut them out. Glue the wrist parts together for the wings. The tots can use crayons or water colors to decorate the wings. Cut out a long, narrow butterfly body from brown construction paper and glue it on the wings. Have the toddlers draw on eyes and a smile.

Spring Theme Games

Play simple games with the toddlers related to the spring season to get them moving and active. You can play a version of duck, duck goose using "baby chick, baby chick, bunny," instead. The person who starts walks around the circle, tapping kids on the head while saying "baby chick." When she taps someone and yells "bunny," that person has to get up and chase her around the circle. However, both kids can only hop like a bunny. You could also hide spring things around the room, such as:

  • stuffed baby animals
  • flowers
  • Easter eggs
  • rain boots
  • a vegetable seed packet

Tell the kids you spy an item and describe it. The kids must try to find the item, identify it and bring it to you.

Spring Outings

Enjoy the great outdoors with fun outings for your toddler group. When the weather finally starts getting warm, take the tots to a large city or state park to run around or to play on a huge toddler playground. Help them find spring flowers, like dandelions, to pick or take a nature walk to see all the blooming plants.