How to Do Something Sweet for Your Husband on a Budget

You want to show your husband how much you love and appreciate him, but money is tight. That doesn't mean you can't do something special for your sweetie. Whether it is his birthday, a holiday or 'just because,' get creative to express your love for your husband without breaking the bank.

Keep things simple. If you are on a specific budget, don't think about traditional romantic dinners or high-tech gifts -- both expensive options. Although it may be frustrating, remember that working on a budget is something you are doing together and that alone should make this a special time, especially as you practice creativity in making it all happen. The effort that your creativity takes will speak volumes to him; it will say what a romantic dinner or expensive gift cannot -- that you poured your time and love into making or doing something special just for him.

Give him inexpensive gifts that are also meaningful. You can visit the dollar store or other inexpensive shops to look for random knick-knacks that could convey a special meaning to him. For example, a snow globe with a winter-wonderland theme might remind him of the time you spent in a cozy snow-covered cabin during your honeymoon. Buy a coffee mug with a heart on it and fill it up with candy that he loves. You can also pick up a plain coffee mug and write a special message of love all on it with a permanent marker. As far as that expensive restaurant goes, recreate his favorite dish at home -- and if you have kids, let them act as your waiters for the evening.

Do him a favor. Your husband will appreciate you doing something for him that would make his day easier. Roll up your sleeves and mow the lawn one day before he wakes. Venture out in the cold and start his car up on a freezing winter morning before work. Pick up the kids after school when it's his turn and let him go to happy hour with his buddies.

Give him romantic, intangible gifts. Place love notes in places where he will find them throughout the day, including his pants pocket, his wallet and the nightstand. Make breakfast in bed one day. Run a bubble bath for him after a long day and get in with him. Give him a massage with massage oils. Send him on a scavenger hunt around the house leading to you -- wrapped in a bow, ofcourse.