Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party Ideas

The princess theme is a common sight at girls' birthday parties, but sometimes a general princess party just won't do. Narrowing down the theme to your birthday girl's favorite princess makes the party more memorable. The story of Sleeping Beauty offers several elements that translate well into party details. With her favorite princess in mind, you can customize the party to create a Sleeping Beauty wonderland.


A homemade invitation sends the message loud and clear that this is a Sleeping Beauty party. One option is to cut a tiara from paper to share the party details with guests. Use gold paper for the cutouts to make them look like the tiara that Sleeping Beauty wears on her head. Add a few stick-on gems to add sparkle to the tiara invitations. After the tiaras are decorated, you can write all of the necessary party information on the other side. Another option is to announce the party on a royal scroll. Roll up the scrolls and tie them with a pink ribbon to match Sleeping Beauty's dress.


Pictures of Aurora make a simple decoration idea for the party, along with balloons and streamers in pink and gold to match her clothing. Another option is to recreate scenes from the Sleeping Beauty story. Aurora spends time in the forest in a cottage. A large appliance box works as a makeshift cottage. Paint and decorate the box, cut windows and make a door so the kids can play in it. Trees cut from large sheets of paper and taped to the walls add to the forest feeling.


The Sleeping Beauty soundtrack playing in the background sets the stage for the party. Crank up the music from the movie and have a Sleeping Beauty dance party. Another option is to do princess makeovers on the guests. Primp each guest with a coat of nail polish, body glitter and some lip gloss -- with parents' permission, of course. While you're at it, set up a tiara-decorating station so the aspiring princesses can make their own Aurora tiaras. Party games offer another entertainment option. A picture of Aurora makes the base for a game of Pin the Tiara on Sleeping Beauty. Each girl needs her own paper tiara that she pins on the picture with her eyes blindfolded. Another game idea is to awaken Sleeping Beauty. One girl lies on a couch with her eyes closed. The other players try to make her giggle, thus waking her.


Every guest at a Sleeping Beauty party needs her own tiara. Whether she makes it as a craft project or receives a tiara you purchase, the girls all get to imagine themselves as Sleeping Beauty with this favor. Most party supply stores offer an assortment of princess stickers, tattoos, sunglasses, noisemakers and other party treats. Look for treats that have Sleeping Beauty on them to fill the treat baskets.