The Signs & Symptoms of Dehydration in Infants

The signs and symptoms of dehydration in infants are important to know because dehydration can occur quickly and become serious. Knowing these signs and symptoms of dehydration in infants can keep your infant safe, healthy and hydrated.


If your baby has not had a wet diaper within 6 hours, or if his urine is dark or has a strong odor, then he is likely dehydrated 1.


A baby's lips will become dry and her mouth will be parched if she is experiencing dehydration 1. In addition, if the baby cries, there will likely be no tears 1.


A baby is lethargic if he seems to have less energy than what is normal 1. Also, if he still seems tired after waking from the night or after a nap, he may be lethargic and suffering from dehydration.


If a baby is severely dehydrated, then her feet may feel cold to the touch and have a splotchy appearance 1.

Soft Spot

The soft spot (fontanels) on the top of the baby's head may appear sunken or you may notice a slight pulsating at the spot 1. This is a symptom of serious dehydration in babies.


Another serious symptom of dehydration in babies is sunken eyes.