Signs of a Phantom Pregnancy

Signs of a phantom pregnancy are similar to those experienced by women who are really pregnant. However, women who have false pregnancies often suffer from psychological issues because they may want to be mothers. Many of these women have underlying issues such as depression or bipolar disorder. Usually, the only way doctors determine whether women have signs of a phantom pregnancy is by examination. Many women have to figuratively give birth to relieve these symptoms.


The National Women's Health Information Center defines amenorrhoea as the cessation of women's period. This is a common sign of a phantom pregnancy, which is the same for a woman who is carrying a child.

Morning Sickness

Signs of a phantom pregnancy include morning sickness, which is usually caused when women psychologically convince themselves they are pregnant.

Weight Gain

"Psychology Today" states a case studied by the University of Nebraska in which a woman gained weight due to a phantom pregnancy. The case states the pituitary gland in the brain tricked this woman's body into thinking she was pregnant, resulting in hormone production. Most of the time, women in this condition are suffering from severe constipation.

Tender Breasts

Women with signs of a phantom pregnancy have tender breasts and may even begin producing hormones that cause lactation.

False Labor Pains

Women often feel labour pains when they experience phantom pregnancies. False labour pains and fake childbirth are signs of a phantom pregnancy, which helps women overcome their issues, according to "Psychology Today."