How to Sign My Child Up for Catalog Pictures

Catalogs are always looking for fresh, young faces that can sell their clothing or products. If your child is photogenic and has the patience and persistence to pursue modeling, why not make their dream come true? You can get a head start by learning the ins and outs of the industry and clearly understanding your own role and responsibilities as the parent. While child modeling is no cake-walk, it can be exciting and rewarding to see your child on the pages of a catalog.

Put together a portfolio for your child. Include a close up, full-body shot, and a posed photograph without any props. Pick a few simple, well-focused and well-exposed photos that exhibit your child's photogenic nature and attitude.

Research child modeling agencies. Contact a few agencies to discuss their services for representation of your child and send in photos for consideration. Include your child's date of birth, clothing size, shoe size, hair color and eye color along with the photos.

Choose an agency that you feel comfortable with and one that can guide you in the direction of catalog modeling.

Attend all go sees, fitting and auditions your child's agent sends you out on. Show up on time and have a positive attitude. As the child amasses credits, update the portfolio with press clippings and other publicity materials.

Submit your child's photos to modeling contests and competitions sponsored by your favorite clothing companies.

Prepare your child for rejection. Stay positive with every success and failure so your kid can too.


Always keep the child's portfolio updated with current pictures.


Avoid agents asking for up-front fees. They will get 20 percent after they have landed a modeling job for the child. Avoid modeling schools. Many are expensive schemes established to exploit parents' desires to see their kids in the spotlight.