How to Sign Boys Up for Baby Modeling

Start the process of getting your baby boy into modeling.

If your baby boy exudes light and personality every time he takes a photo or if you are constantly being told how gorgeous your baby is, you might want to consider modeling. Baby modeling is a thriving business with opportunities for catalog work, commercials and national campaigns. While most modeling jobs are shot in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, it is possible to land a modeling job in your own town. If you think you and your baby boy have the personality, drive and stamina, you can begin searching for a modeling agency to represent you.

Take several photographs of your baby boy against a plain, white background with him wearing either just a diaper or a plain, no-frills outfit. Do not use props or have him wear any accessories. Modeling agencies are looking to see the raw potential your child has and many prefer home photos instead of professional shots, says Jessica Hartshorn of American Baby in a 2012 CBS News report.

Research the modeling agencies that are near your home. You'll need meet with the agency if they like your baby and picking an agency near you will lessen travel time and costs. Look the agency up on the Better Business Bureau and try to find real reviews from other families that work with the agency.

Send several pictures of your baby boy to the agencies of your choice. Include at least one head shot and two full body shots. Write your baby’s name, size, hair color, eye color and address on the back of each photo. Along with the photos, send a short letter of intent stating you would like your baby to begin a modeling career with the agency.

Wait until you hear back from the agency. Some agencies might take several weeks to respond to your inquiry, according to You also need to prepare yourself for rejection; it is not uncommon to get a “no” from an agency and if you still feel strongly about pursuing modeling, contact another agency.

Prepare your child to go to an interview with the agency ,if you receive a positive response. This interview is to determine your baby boy’s personality, demeanor, comfort level with strangers and your personality and professionalism. Arrive on time to the interview and ensure your baby is well-fed and rested for the optimum experience.

Beware of scams. You should never have to pay a modeling agency to represent your child. While the agency will get a cut of the fee, a client pays to photograph your child through the agency.

Drop everything when your baby is scheduled for a go-see with a client. This is where living near your agency comes in handy. You might be asked to come for a go-see within a few hours and you will need to prepare yourself and your child for arriving on time. When you arrive, you might have a long wait, so pack toys, snacks, a change of clothes and anything else you or your baby might need.


Do not expect to strike it rich with baby modeling. The typical job pays between $25 and $75 an hour, with only national commercials paying in the six-figure range. Don’t push your baby if he is not interested in modeling. Agents know what to look for and want babies who enjoy the work.