What Should Children Wear Who Are Invited to an Evening Wedding?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing what your child will wear to an evening wedding 1. Attire tends to be more formal for evening weddings, and your child's outfit and accessories should reflect this. An outfit appropriate for the special occasion, however, doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort for style.


Look to the invitation for cues when it comes to choosing your child's outfit 1. If the invitation says formal or black tie optional, follow the same rules in dressing her as you would for yourself, but make alter the style to be child-friendly and age appropriate. Whether the invitation suggests casual or formal, evening weddings tend to be more formal than daytime weddings, so lean toward classic style and darker hues and colors than your child would wear during the day.


Children should feel comfortable in what they are wearing, says wedding planner Renee Patrone of Events by Renee in Philadelphia. Itchy tights, ill-fitting clothes, and shoes that are difficult to walk let alone dance in, make for a miserable experience and can negatively impact your child’s attitude and manners at such a formal occasion, she adds. Try everything on, including shoes and accessories, a few days before the big event to make sure your child has not outgrown anything.

Seasons and Weather

Consider the time of year. For winter evening weddings, Patrone says girls should wear dresses with a few sparkling details or perhaps velvet touches, satin sashes and coordinating tights. For boys, dark-colored slacks, a button down, dark blazer and a necktie or bow tie should fit the bill. For spring and summer weddings, little boys can don seersucker suits, blazers or khaki pants while the girls have fun with bright colors, floral prints and lighter materials.

Tips and Warnings

Keep accessories to a minimum, Patrone advises, especially when wedding festivities begin span the day from morning to evening. The longer the day for your child, she says, the greater the chances for losing jewelry, headbands and purses. Simple pearl bracelets or a special headband that matches the dress make lovely keepsakes and are easy for little girls to manage themselves. Boys shoes and pants should be comfortable, but no sneakers or jeans.

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